El Rincon de Bea

I had the honor of meeting Bea Roque, the author of the fantastic blog El Rincon de Bea.  Bea has been an established blogger since 2007, making mouths water with astonishing baking marvels and stunning photography.

With a huge following form the Blogger network, Facebook and Twitter, Bea needed more of a hands on roll with her blog, something Blogger just cant do, so Bea asked me to convert El Rincon de Bea from Blogger to WordPress.

I was amazed at the amount of comments and visitors (web stats) from a blog that is just a hobby. I know many blogs for huge companies that dont even get a quarter of  Bea’s…Impresionante!

Built with self raising flour

>When dealing with a blog that has a huge social following, you have to be very aware of what improvements can be made without displacing readers, thats the last thing you want. The actual design came together very well and I’m so pleased that both the author Bea and her culinary followers like the new layout, design and features.

I introduced an Amazon Shop built into the actual site design. I did keep the two column layout but decreased the content area and increased the sidebar column widths.

Its so important that your homepage contains lots of text that google spiders can crawl and more importantly, that the actual text changes. Not a problem here as Bea lashes out blog posts whenever she enters her kitchen!  Now it would be boring reading about baking delights and not being able to see the end product right! No worries….. Bea has some very professional photography of every step of her baking methods, how she makes a tin of sweetner look good is beyond me!

The only Big change made was to the main navigation.  Before they were images with no text. That’s no no. I changed them to text links.

Final Thoughts

Personally I am very exited about the future of El Rincon de Bea and even more so of Bea, who is getting to grips with all the new features, widgets that WordPress has to offer.  Good Luck Bea.


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