CryptoSvetas is an NFT project about technological boundaries, pushing which CryptoSvetas NFT holders are immersed in interaction with the silicone (non)intelligence of “Light” from the strongest developers in the field of AI.

 With the emergence of a turning point in the NFT market towards applied projects, the most relevant direction is the merging of blockchain technologies with culminating aspirations in the IT field.

 The well-thought-out infrastructure of the project lays down the fundamental features of the development path through the utility functions of NFT, based on the emerging trend in the world of Crypto with multilateral scaling potential.

 Each CryptoSvetas NFT is a key that gives access to an immersive chatbot on Telegram. The chatbot is built on the basis of the ruGPT-3 neural network model, which is based on 20 million dialog chains, and is also trained on a custom dataset, collected and cleaned manually.