Sabong Nft

Sabong - Fighting Roosters Around the World





Blockchain based game, when the roosters cross path, a fight is inevitable. 

Luck has nothing to do with it. The fighting rooster is an aggressive lost sole that is looking for its soul mate. Our game will have you fighting mad with the latest attacks. 

To participate in the competition, purchase the type of roosters from the country you are from and train your cocks properly. The training usually involves teaching the rooster proper fighting skills. The owner must also feed the roosters with a strong, healthy diet, especially one that contains vitamins, and supplements. Vaccines and antibiotics are incorporated as part of the roosters’ growth life.

The supplements and antibiotics will show up in your wallet as you start winning fights. The ultimate collection is the 3 inch blade. This will help you fight more often even if your rooster is not fully healed.